We want Candy Treasure, LLC to be the company you wish you worked for. Or at least the company you wished your dad, mom, uncle, aunt or neighbor worked for. And not just because that would mean you'd probably get free candy, but because we make fun and innovative candy products that people want. We go out of our way to be kind to the elderly. We recycle, vote, and try to eat right. And exercise. Even when we don't want to. Well, sometimes when we don't want to.


The old fashioned way via pen and parchment
Candy Treasure, LLC
P.O. Box 201
Lebanon, NJ 08833
Phone: (201) 830-3600
Fax: (201) 884-1096
General Info: Info [at] candytreasure.com
Distributor/Retailer Inquiries: Sales [at] candytreasure.com
Internet Order Customer Service: Orders [at] candytreasure.com

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